More and more companies are making their processes more efficient with mobile systems. However, the importance of mobile solutions is not just growing for field sales employees or service technicians. Instead, mobile company solutions are focused on supporting and involving not only the aforementioned areas, but others as well, such as staff, customers and managers.

Here are a few examples of how companies can benefit from mobile solutions.


Solutions for sales, field service and customer service

Mobile support for sales or customer service is a must for any company. We propose different solutions based on your processes, existing IT systems and the needs of your departments and IT. Take our UI5 quote configurator, for example, which can be run on any mobile end device and guides and supports sales when creating quotes. Even more extensive cloud solutions, such as SAP HANA Cloud for Customer, which has been specifically designed for sales and customer service, play a key role here.

KPIs and analyses – mobile

Today, the visual display of information on mobile end devices, especially of information relevant for decision making, is even more important than at a desk in the office. For example, interactive dashboards with highly-condensed KPIs allow real-time data analyses at the touch of a finger. We work with you to draft reporting solutions tailored to the recipient – from management to user department.

Apps for approvals and employee self-service

Orders, vacation and travel requests, time entry processes and travel expense accounting often come to a standstill because a superior or administrator is not in the office. When your company maps these workflows in SAP, there is help in the form of SAP Fiori apps. These apps provide commonly used functions in a user-friendly interface that is available on all end devices. Consent, approvals and standard tasks can thus be completed in just a few clicks, even when on the go.

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