Database Exchange Manager

The same information base – anytime, anywhere

Companies typically use different databases, which are then accessed by an SAP system. Changes must inevitably be applied to all of them at the same time, in order to prevent the use of inconsistent information. Although this is a major challenge that is faced on a regular basis, the Database Exchange Manager turns this challenge into a simple task.

This standard solution does so by reconciling all the data in the connected databases and then makes that data available to the other databases in the target environment. In doing so, it does not matter whether data from non-SAP systems is being synchronized with SAP systems or vice-versa. The Database Exchange Manager enables the upload of TOA-compliant records, bar codes or URL links into SAP, as well as the download of user-definable records.

The need-based service profile of the Database Exchange Manager is also exhibited by the freely-definable intervals – making data quickly and fully available and usable anywhere throughout the company. Furthermore, the Java-based programming means the Database Exchange Manager offers the best conditions for portable and secure use in heterogeneously distributed networks.

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