msg FIT
Optimization Through Transparency!

SAP systems are often implemented as part of multi-year projects and are constantly undergoing further development. What is missing is a sustainable and constant analysis of how the systems are being used.

msg FIT is a unique, comprehensive analysis that fully examines how users are using the systems, authorizations, license allocation and development. The benefits from boosting this potential for optimization tend to far exceed the cost of the brief audit. It can result, e.g., in a generation of the very process models in the Solution Manager that are the basis for switching to SAP HANA.

Questions msg FIT can answer for you:
  • Are the in-house developments being used or which of them are not?
  • How are users using the SAP systems?
  • Are there any problems when using the SAP system?
  • Are the default documents, such as customer order types, being used?
  • Are there vulnerabilities in the authorization and is the segregation of duties being breached?
  • Are licenses being optimally used?
  • Would switching to SAP HANA be worthwhile and what are the advantages?
msg FIT’s areas of application:
  • Redocumentation of SAP systems
  • Identification of optimization potential that focuses on the user
  • System comparisons as the basis for future harmonization
  • Optimization of the processes in the Solution Manager and modeling tools such as ARIS and Symbio

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