SAP BW Check
Protect the quality of your data – rely on dependable reporting!

SAP BW systems are becoming more and more complex. Providing error-free data for reporting is a daily challenge. The effort involved in warehouse management, from support of established applications to the integration of new developments and expansions, requires a lot of time and expertise. On top of that come all the routine tasks, e.g., to monitor and control loading processes, broadcasting, inactive objects and storage allocation. This ties up resources and time for advancing data models and reporting.

With SAP BW Check, we have developed a solution that simplifies warehouse management and frees you up to work on other things. The SAP BW Check bundles key administrative tasks, among others; automates standard tasks; performs background monitoring of key processes and workflows; and, checks dependencies, especially after installing new developments, importing patches and performing updates.

Based on our BW consultants’ experiences, our SAP BW Check provides a collection of functions and check modules for your business warehouse. Every component of the solution can be individually adjusted to meet your specific needs. The solution can be accessed centrally, although the access point can be modified and expanded as well.

We have developed an ABAP program to that end, which checks the key objects in the data flow of an SAP BI system. This ensures a complete and error-free execution of the main BI data loading processes.

The program checks the state of the system prior to starting the process chains. Any problems that do arise, such as inactive objects, are reported by e-mail and can be efficiently eliminated. Alternatively, an error list is displayed when running the program in a dialog and e-mails can be sent from the dialog.

Our service package:
  • Webinar to familiarize you with the functions
  • Support during the initial installation
  • Individual instruction and modification on-site
  • Incremental expansion of the functions
The key benefits:
  • Automation of control tasks
  • Individual adjustment, extension
  • Central maintenance and monitoring

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