SAP BW Translator
Secure and easy translation of your BW system – into any language.

Translating objects using the standard SAP tools is time consuming, rather user unfriendly and error prone for Unicode BW systems or BW systems with a release of 7.0 or higher. As a result, many BW users avoid using the standard tools to translate objects and instead, log onto the system in the respective target language, then maintain the texts of the respective objects in the language they selected when they logged onto the system.

Although a pragmatic approach, it is not a very efficient one:

Translating so many different objects requires considerable navigation, such as the successive opening and maintenance of umpteen queries. This can cause texts that need to be translated, or even entire objects, to be unintentionally overseen.

We developed the SAP BW Translator with precisely that in mind. The central component is an ABAP program that can be used to select objects, including all different types of dependent objects, and display them as a list of texts in source and target language. Translators can use the writable columns to easily and clearly maintain texts in the target language and to save all of the object texts in a single transport request.

Our service package:
  • Translation of any language into any language installed in the system.
  • Easy-to-use: transaction activities can also be performed independently by key users.
  • Excel upload and download function, e.g., for assigning translations, including of objects in the administrator workbench, to key users or external service providers.
  • Detailed access/authorization management, i.e., which users are allowed to translate which objects.
  • No impairment of the system stability or performance: Translations, meaning texts in the target language, are saved and transported directly to the text tables used for the objects.
  • Covers all object types that can be viewed in reports; such as, e.g.:
    • Roles (title)
    • Workbooks (title)
    • Queries (title)
    • Info objects
    • Feature navigation and display attributes

We can also provide an optional program for the automatic, regular transport of translations into live systems or a program for the role-based collection and back transport of translation-relevant objects, i.e., a transport from a live system into an integration or development system, if necessary.

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