Variant Calculation
Calculate your variants and spend less time maintaining prices

Calculating configurable materials is a significant challenge for made-to-order manufacturers. The wide variety of variants available mean maintaining variant prices is very time consuming. There is often no basis at all for defining conditions, since there is no calculation for price positions either. Even in a best case scenario, conditions can still only be created semi-automatically once calculations have been added to the system.

However, doing so would require the definition of condition values, which would involve numerous manual steps. Last-minute condition changes are thus only possible through extensive manual effort.

With Variant Calculation, we offer an SAP-certified tool for the system-enabled definition of variant conditions based on calculated manufacturing costs and the ability to save the conditions in the system as master data.

Variant Calculation gives you an optimized data basis for automatically determining and creating conditions for your price positions. Manufacturing costs per price position can then be determined based on those conditions and using your own SAP calculation scheme. Master data, such as BOMs and work plans, are used as the basis for the calculation.

The module also contains decision tables for configuring maximum BOMs and work plans, providing further support. An Excel interface for transferring data is also part of the packaging, making master data maintenance even easier.

The rules for price positions are set in a further decision table for variant-based sales pricing. It includes a feature analysis function, which leads to a price variant.

Finally, the manufacturing costs for the individual price positions can be found in the cockpit of the automatic sales price calculation, where they are available for further processing. Administrators can mark values up by a percentage or an absolute value and automatically set them in the system as a condition using the corresponding function.

The key benefits:
  • Simplification of master data administration and maintenance using table-based entries
  • Cost savings through simplified processes
  • Know-how does not need to be transferred between different departments; user departments can maintain their own data
Components of the solution:

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