Variant Process Optimization
Optimal integration of CAD, 3D, e-Commerce and ECM

Variant variety is a major challenge for manufacturers – from registering customer orders to delivery. The process chain is based on information that has to be correctly combined at the right time using widespread and complex process steps. With configurable products, however, information from material databases (e.g., weight) cannot be used, since that information has to be derived from the final specifications.

Even availability checks across every component of a product or product visualization are challenging tasks, with only limited availability in the SAP standard.

With Variant Process Optimization, we offer an SAP-certified tool for optimizing configurable material handling and processes and reducing the complexity thereof, if applicable.

The Variant Process Optimization module provides a series of functions that significantly simplify the handling of configurable materials, thus making the corresponding processes easier to manage as well. Naturally, every component of this module is fully integrated into the SAP standard.

The Variant Process Optimization module primarily consists of two main areas. Firstly, the variant configuration with the segments of weight calculation, features management for publishing in sales documents, availability check using the purchasing cockpit and bundling as a tool for production planning and control.

The second area pertains to communication with external systems, e.g., connecting programs for visual order registration and for integration of web shop solutions using the SAP IPC, Hybris or Fiori tools. The segments in this module complement the function scope of other basic modules, such as Variant Sales or Variant SCM. Thus, it is also possible to select individual segments as well.

The key benefits:
  • Process acceleration and cost savings using a standardized approach
  • Simplification of master data maintenance and data entry
  • Preparation for connecting other systems (graphics and web shop)
Components of the solution:

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