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Modern, sales-oriented companies use web-based platforms to allow customers to configure their own products and to record orders.

In order to provide such solutions, suitably restrictive checks within the configuration, and thus in the pricing, are essential. Even visual displays are a must, as are order-based documents that are forwarded to customers. In the SAP standard, rules and print management have to be set in a separate syntax or programming. Maintenance thereof requires special expertise. However, the sales department often lacks the know-how necessary to do so. The separation of expertise and master data maintenance often results in complicated processes that make quick modifications to master data more difficult and thus delay reaction times to market demands unnecessarily.

With Variant Sales, we are able to offer an SAP-certified tool that allows user departments to maintain master data, that significantly simplifies the development of configuration data and thus helps prevent errors and unnecessary delays.

Separate decision tables, in which rules can be set in table format, are available for control functions, such as “Mandatory Input”, “Derive Features”, “Value Range”, etc. As a result, the table structures that have to be populated in order to maintain data are ones that do not have separate and complicated syntax structures. This, in turn, means user departments are able to process the rules themselves, making maintaining master data very efficient.

Price variants are also determined using decision tables that also cover variant-based and quantity-based pricing. User departments are able to define the formulas, thanks to the decision table used to control the variant printing. Information can be issued in table format, long text or even with an image, depending on the feature.

In addition, Variant Sales is fulling integrated into the SAP standard and can thus be used parallel to the SAP tools.

The key benefits:
  • Data maintenance by the user department – special expertise not required
  • Faster master data maintenance
  • Certified solution – and fully integrated into the SAP standard as a result
Components of the solution:

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