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Delays in the supply chain cost money. Causes are, for example, the complex data structures required when using configurable materials. Unfortunately, the rules used in the SAP standard hardly help at all – they merely reference their own syntax, the syntax required to maintain and create configuration master data and which requires considerable expertise. In addition, the rapid distribution of data to other systems is vital for an optimal production process.

Without SAP APO, availability checks that run the full depth of the BOM are impossible in the standard, even though they can be essential for reliable delivery scheduling. Displaying critical paths within the product structure could be one way to offer alternatives. In regard to costs, the goal should be to create the simplest and leanest production possible, but one that generates large quantities. Working against that is the constantly growing variability of products sold – thus, the motto here becomes: A batch size of one.

Intelligently combining individual production orders into packages can remedy this dilemma. The Variant Supply Chain Management module contains a large number of segments that simplify your value chain data management and processes considerably.

The Variant SCM optimizes all of your processes along the entire value chain. Availability of the entire generated component structure is verified as soon as a customer places an order and the critical path displayed, if applicable. The resulting customer order-specific production orders can be consolidated into and processed as production packages.

Any outsourcing processes can be operated from the purchasing cockpit. The segment presents the information relevant for configurable and non-configurable materials in a way that allows the respective sub-processes to be executed in an optimized manner. When using configurable materials, the price variant determination rules can be set in a decision table.

One of the main advantages of creating data in table format is that special knowledge of the relationships is not required, which means the user departments can maintain the data.

The key benefits:
  • Faster master data maintenance – know-how does not need to be transferred, user departments can maintain data themselves
  • Cost and time savings by bundling data and simplifying processes
  • Simplified exchange of data with connected systems as a result of standardized data structures
Components of the solution:

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