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Business process-oriented and context-based preparation!

Companies in every industry, small and large alike, are faced with the task of meaningfully managing and analyzing fast-growing data volumes and deriving useful information from them – information that can be used to make real improvements throughout a company.

Act instead of react! The fast-paced business world we see today is forcing companies to react more and more quickly. Planning processes and rolling forecasts allow situations to be detected and assessed early on and put owners in a position to proactively manage their company once again. Essential in this case is the smooth integration of the planning processes into the company’s reporting and analysis solutions. Almost all business processes generate enormous volumes of data, which – if prepared in a business process-oriented and context-based manner – contain key information for operational and strategic business management and planning.

Business intelligence (BI) solutions enable the corresponding and necessary integration, preparation and provision of the data from heterogeneous sources inside and outside the company or the company’s individual business and plants. Decisive in being able to use the potential business intelligence holds to create value is not only business process-oriented realization of the solutions, but also ensuring the solutions are strongly oriented around the users, as well as the effective and appropriate use of modern technologies.

Our consulting and implementation projects reflect the latest trends in the field of analytic solutions:

  • User-friendly and flexible BI solutions
  • Merging of industry and business process-oriented, operational solutions with analytical components
  • Integration of planning processes into the business processes, integration of individual subplans into the enterprise planning
  • Mobile BI solutions with insight into and use of business processes at almost any time and anywhere
  • Technological paradigm shift through the use of higher-performance hardware and database technologies, such as, e.g., in-memory technology with HANA
  • Use of new technologies for the barrier-free integration of all applications, SAP HANA as the integration platform

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