Integrated Enterprise Planning
Costs and risks at a glance.

Analyzing target/actual deviations and using those analyses as the basis for decisions poses a significant challenge for companies today:  data is often located in different systems and data entry and analysis, especially of target values, often requires extensive manual effort. The mechanisms required to automatically integrate subplans into overall plans are often missing.

Our Enterprise Planning solutions help you reduce the costs and risks of manual and error-prone processes. Our solutions connect modern business intelligence solutions with integrated planning and forecast applications. This allows your company to not only analyze past and present values, but also examine how well your company is prepared for the future.

Our service package:
  • Identification of governance-relevant KPIs
  • Connection of your current data models to an SAP planning solution: with actual and master data available at all times
  • Integration of SAP planning solutions into your existing IT system landscape
  • Integration of subplan models into the integrated, overall enterprise planning
  • Appealing layouts for the manual entry of target data
  • Convenient functions to facilitate the planning process, e.g.: 
    • Automatic analysis of a user-defined percentage 
    • Transfer of target data to other versions of a plan
    • Forecast functions
    • Totals
  • Front-end tools for analyzing and evaluating target data
  • Unbiased support for platform and tool selection
How it benefits you...

Having a clear overview of your company’s efficiency means you can monitor the success of your company at any time, allowing you to plan and manage performance and output at different levels within your company. As part of that process, actual and target data models are connected and subplans are integrated into the overall planning, eliminating the need to enter data repeatedly and thus reducing error rates. The reduced manual effort also means reduced costs.

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