Customer Relationship Management
An integrated view of processes – one platform for all.

In today's difficult business environment, successful companies are now focusing on their most valuable asset more than ever before – their customers. These companies work hard every day to try and create customer loyalty, to effectively get the most out of every customer interaction – no matter whether in sales, service or marketing.

SAP CRM is part of the SAP Business Suite and, in contrast to other CRM software solutions, it not only helps you organize your short-term needs, such as reducing costs while increasing decision-making abilities, but also helps you equip you company with skills that will set you apart, allowing you to remain competitive over the long term.   

SAP CRM consolidates the work processes used in marketing, sales and service into a single system, making your employees’ daily collaborations easier. It also allows department processes, which were organized as isolated processes in the past, to be integrated into other areas of the company. Cross-departmental, customer-oriented activities can now be centrally coordinated and harmonized.

SAP CRM Marketing

With SAP CRM Marketing, you gain essential information that allows you to make intelligent decisions for your business, hone your customer focus, increase demand and customer loyalty, as well as better manage your marketing resources. In other words, do more with less! The key functions of SAP CRM Marketing include:

  • Marketing resource management
  • Marketing segmentation and list management
  • Campaign management
  • Trade promotion management
  • Lead management
  • Customer and market analyses
  • Automated workflows in all contact channels
SAP CRM Service
An overview of how it benefits you...
  • A consistent and central database for customers and prospective customers: holistic view of customer data
  • Closed information loop between your departments
  • User-friendly interface
  • Cross-departmental and analytical management of your data
  • Browser-based access

We would be happy to help you implement this solution and achieve your goal of centrally harmonizing all your customer-oriented activities.

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