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The right solution for every requirement. That is the flexibility SAP offers today. In addition to traditional SAP GUI-based power applications, the Walldorf-based company has started to shift more and more applications to the web.  Software is growing and developing to meet the needs of the Y generation. The Y generation has learned how to navigate ͞social media͟ platforms and has mastered web technologies. Today’s application interfaces have to be sexy.

HCM web services

Integrating employees into the company’s procedural operations is one of the challenges companies must face today. The complexity lies in being able to see a topic in a larger context, instead of focusing on individual disciplines such as HR, FI or CRM. The goal must be to offer employees everything from a coherent, harmonious source. SAP’s HCM Self-Service family of products is divided into two main areas: firstly, the Employee Self-Services and secondly, the Manager Self-Services. These services relieve HR departments of the burden of administrative tasks and shift data entry to the point where data originates: Employee Self-Services allows employees to be actively involved in the procedural operations of HR.

Our service package:

The following services are available as portal services:

  • Maintain personal information, such as address, bank account information, etc.
  • Enter work hours
  • Check work time accounts
  • Leave requests, such as vacation, illness, etc.
  • View/archive salary statements
  • Create time statements
  • Document certificates
  • Edit employer benefits
  • Edit qualification profile
  • Book training courses
  • Plan and process business trips
  • Etc.

The Manager Self-Services are the counterpart to the Employee Self-Services and allow superiors to approve processes started by employees and analyze the employees assigned to them.

MSS scenarios are available for the following areas:

  • Workflow inbox for process management
  • Time management
  • Team view
  • Recruitment planning
  • Talent management
  • Planning: performing planning tasks
  • Projects: project management with planned consumption or budget availability overviews
  • Budget: display of critical deviations or postings to cost centers, profit centers or internal orders
  • Organization
  • Reports

Of course, these SAP portal solutions can be implemented in other areas as well, such as CRM, logistics management, materials management or for analytical purposes.Interested? Then go ahead and contact us!

The benefits for you...

Your approval processes will be more efficient and faster, since data entry is shifted to the point where data is generated. In addition, you will be able to meet the needs of your generation Y employees and will enjoy modern user interfaces.

msg as your partner...

Benefit from an experienced team of consultants who have been involved in many projects, is familiar with the recurring requirements in this field and can thus offer you the best support available.

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